We believe uncomfortable experiences open minds

Uncharted Spirits takes willing people on challenging expeditions that expand physical, emotional, and cultural limits - then we share their stories with the world.

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Uncharted Spirits Series

Season 1: The Moto Run

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Traveling is good, but it's not enough.

Uncharted Spirits was created to take a broader audience beyond the comfortable hobby of "traveling" - an experience that pierces deep through the cultural bubble and forces authentic personal growth for the greater good.

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Embracing the unknown is the key to change.

We believe that overcoming the fear what we don't understand makes us better humans. Becoming better humans makes a better world.

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One Uncharted Spirit at a time.

We realized awhile back that no number of inspirational travel quotes or flashy travel vids can truly get willing, curious people off the couch and out of their comfort zones. So instead, we plan challenging expeditions, invite someone who is itching to embrace the unknown, and film it all in order to share our experience with the world in hopes that it truly opens more minds to what's possible (both personally and globally).

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We've only just started.

Our goal is to plan, take, and film 2-3 expeditions per year. Beyond the web series that we make, we're excited to grow our audience of "Uncharted spirits" through future services, products, and media that aim to accomplish the same mission of embracing the unknown.

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The Moto Run.

The Moto Run follows the incredible stories and challenges of our very first expedition where take our pops to buy and ride motorcycles from Mongolia to Kazakhstan (via Russia) before time runs out.

10 episodes of 10 minutes or less.

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If you'd like to collaborate with and join us on our next Uncharted expedition, we'd love to hear your story.

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