Uncharted: Supply Run

Supply Run is the name of the international travel show we produce and the primary channel for spreading our mission to a broader audience. It's equal parts adventurous, entertaining, and transformative.

Whether we knew it or not, we've been developing the idea for Supply Run for over a decade.

We've always wanted to give a general audience a true look into how first-person travel can be incredibly powerful and transformative. However, the current visual media options always seemed to be lacking something.

- Travel reality TV shows are often entertaining but superficial.

- Travel documentaries are often powerful but not enticing for a broader audience.

- Travel YouTube videos are fun and flashy but the inspirational impact is fleeting.

So after many awkward attempts and test trips to create our own show, we finally found a formula we think is entertaining, powerful, and also provides a small positive impact to remote communities around the world.

Now, our goal is to film and produce two Supply Run series per year.

Map of the test run we completed in 2019
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What Makes a Supply Run?

  • The Mission

    On each Supply Run, it will be the team's job to acquire a list of 3-5 uniquely important supplies (starting near "Point A") and deliver them to a very remote community that could greatly use them ("Point B"). We don't always know how or where to acquire all these items once we land, but it's our mission to complete the task within the 3-ish weeks we have allotted.
  • The Unknown Risks

    Unlike most reality TV shows, we really don't have a guarantee of success - this is what creates the stakes that drive us deep into a transformative travel experience. Not only is there a strong chance we'll ultimately fail the mission, but we'll also face many risks (physical, mental, emotional, cultural, etc.). However, this risk and discomfort is what makes the show powerful and unique to the team and audience.
  • The 4th Team Member

    Each Supply Run follows a team of 4, comprised of brothers Jake and Chad, Dave the cameraman, and a willing 4th adventurer (who changes with every Supply Run). Ultimately, Jake and Chad are just facilitators and recurring characters while the 4th member might end up going through a completely new and strange experience. This unknown factor is an important part of making each Supply Run different from each other.

    Our desired outcome is that the 4th member's unique, first-person experience will resonate and inspire the viewing audience to become more curious about how to participate in transformative travel themselves - possibly through future Uncharted Missions.

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Our first official Supply Run will be filmed in April 2023

Back in 2019, we filmed a test run of what we now call Supply Run.

We bought cheap motorcycles in Ulan Bator, Mongolia with our Pops and rode them to Kazakhstan (via Russia). But we didn't have a goal or plan outside of... "We need to get to Kazakhstan before our flight departs!"

It wasn't until the final day of that adventure - where we gave our motorcycles to a few families in need - that the idea for Supply Run started to really take shape.

After a few (pandemic) years to think about how to create a better show, we're now embarking on our first official Supply Run in April of 2023.

We've selected our 4th team member and are preparing to acquire and deliver needed supplies to a remote community in the Indian Himalayas.

If you're interested to see how it goes (and when the final show will be released), you can follow along on Instagram and/or enter your email below:

Interested in applying to be the 4th member on our next Supply Run? You can apply here.

Want to watch our first season? Watch it here.

Event Timeline

1. Complete a test run excursion

2. Create updated show format

3. Plan first official Supply Run

4. Complete first official Supply Run

5. Produce two Supply Runs per year