Supply Run: Himalayas

JD, Chad, and Jake have 22 days to acquire, deliver, and integrate as many items as they can into a remote community in the Himalayas.

Thank you to our supporters

Supply Run: Himalayas is an incredibly challenging and ambitious project. We could not have completed it without the support of so many individual backers.

Thank you from the entire team,
Jake, Chad, JD, & Dave

A.B. Martie

John and Pam

Sylvia Marina Martinez

Bailey B.

Clementine Rutledge

Gray & Callie P.

Olivia Lederer

Colin Schur

Matt Quintero

Cathleen Chamberlain

Alecia Latini

Eric Peck

Johnathan Snyder

Shirley Swagerty

Emil Shour

Tanja Barco

Emmanuel Eleyae

Erik Cooper

Cara Nikolajski

Katie Carroll

George goodrich

Jonny & Maria

Paul Rowe

Dennys Antunish

Katie Falkenberg

Jarrod Paz

David Steinberg

Michelle Snyder

Amie Baker

Dan Lake

Joey Snyder

Alex Bernot

Elizabeth Romero

Monica Ballardin

Penn State Football Podcast

Jenny Sullivan


Dan Smith


Nate Cyphert

Megan Warren Moore

Mike Peck

Grace Heffernan

Julia Connell

William Mercer

Seth Taylor

Matt Knepper

Neel Parekh

Giovanni Lauricella

Jill Carson

Rebecca McLeod

Melissa Calderone

Mikaela Grace

Kristin White

Dominik Ermel

Anthony Fox

Tristan Ruml

Jack Jamison

Carlin Metzger

Jeffrey, Angie, Xavier, & Xylah Snyder

Rebecca Bernson

Nick Bakken

Uncle Jerry & Aunt Sandy

Erin Bonin

Derek P.

Steve Cook

Jade & Seth Cahill

The Jungjohanns

Kelly Turk

Jim Joe Farrant

Lexi Scott

Ryan Hardie

Emily Brobeck

Tammy Tran

Barb Hipsman

Adam Dole

Greg Burroughs

Zoe Mazur

Becky & Alek Edwards

John Marotta, Jr.

Andrew Fine

Jenn Bell

Angie Snyder

Mikey Minnaugh

Ryan McKeon

Carleeta Soltis

Suzie & Joe Nawikas

Chuck Marcouiller

The Grootegoed's

Kristoffer Quiaoit

Ting Sutana

Crystal & Carl Strickler

Cobi Emery

Rachel levy

Lorrie Taylor

Susie Perry

Jennifer Smith

Janet Weaver

Carson McComas

Tiffany Palazzini

Beth Brice

Scarlet & Grover S.

Simon Messerly

Jeanise Upshaw

Renee Volchko

Annie Taylor

Logan Akamatsu

Laura Rosche

Craig Moravec

Patrick Stoffer

Tiffany J. Conner

Andrew Huber & Lauren Cook

Katrina & Kevin Peck

Nathalie Belgium

Bassel Almadani

Ella Pegors

Eileen Brinker

Sully Walker

Devon Brady

Lee Marshall

Paul Davis

Eryn Crews

Heather Boyle

Tom & Renata Hundley

Lynn Dunn

Shelby Elyse Taylor

We also want to thank our brand sponsors. We only felt completely prepared and safe thanks to their support.

JD, Chad, and Jake have 22 days to acquire, deliver, and integrate as many items as they can into a remote community in the Himalayas.


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Release Schedule:

Ventura Premiere - 12/16
Chapter 1 - 12/17
Chapter 2 - 12/20
Chapter 3 - 12/22
Chapter 4 - 12/24
Chapter 5 - 12/27
Chapter 6 - 12/29
Chapter 7 - 12/31
Chapter 8 - 1/3
Chapter 9 - 1/5
Chapter 10 - 1/7


Created & Produced by: Chad Vanags & Jake Vanags
Directed by: Jake Vanags & Sam Menendez
Edited by: Sam Menendez
Written by: Sam Menendez

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