Uncharted: Bars

We're building 9 Uncharted Bars in far-flung locations around the world. Grab your passport, plan your journey, and we'll have a drink ready when you get there.

When it comes to breaking down barriers between people and places (and creating community among strangers), it's easy to see that bars represent central meeting points for people to come as they are and share their life's stories with others.

So we thought:

What if we created a global map of hard-to-reach bars... with each one serving as destinations for those willing to get out of their comfort zones, cross cultures, and travel through a strange new world... just to grab a well-deserved drink?

And that's how the idea for Uncharted Bars was formed.

Exact location of the bars are TBD
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What Makes an Uncharted Bar?

  • Global

    The goal of Uncharted Spirits is to break down the barriers between people and places, so naturally, we plan to build the bars in different parts of the world to encourage people to go explore a world outside of their own.
  • Remote

    We could build these bars in main cities, but where's the challenge in that? By placing our bars in difficult-to-reach locations, the hunt to reach every bar we build will be a transformative journey in and of itself.
  • Bourdainian

    In an ode to Anthony Bourdain - and his way of engaging with the locals he interviewed over food and drink in a deeply authentic way - we want Uncharted Bars to encourage the exchange of authentic storytelling about each others' lives. Each bar will be intentionally built to focus on the mixing of cultures and ideas between guests.

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We're Building The First (Test) Bar in California

Yes, building bars around the world is not an easy or cheap endeavor - but no big, outlandish ideas ever are.

That said, it's important to start somewhere.

When we were unable to plan for Supply Run or any other travels during the Pandemic, we decided to start building our first test bar where we were actually able to do so - in Chad's backyard.

We plan to complete the bar by December 2022.

Once finished, we'll invite local community members from different cultures to come and share their lives with us over some beverages and food. We'll then film and post the stories we capture from around the bar for curious minds to enjoy.

Here is what the California test bar currently looks like in it's half-finished state!

Event Timeline

1. Build test bar in California

2. Acquire funds for global bars

3. Find global business contacts

4. Build one global Uncharted Bar

5. Build the other eight...

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